The average investigator knows what a "trigger object" is. The use of something physical to elicit a response from spirit is a now-widely used method in the field.

  Similar in thought to the Singapore Method (where audible cues are used to establish a familiar environment), using a trigger object springs from the supposition that said object will have some meaning to the spirit the investigator wishes to connect with. That meaning can either be positive or negative, but the hopes of a post mortem emotional response is the goal. But what if you don't know what item to use?

The key here is the tapping of emotions. In the absence of a physical body, we still believe spirit carries with it a personality - complete with emotions and responses comparable to the ones they displayed in life. Where an item is very specific, an emotion can be broad and general, brought on by many possible causes. Enter the TRIGGER EVENT.

"Trigger Events"


  For three consecutive years beginning in 2014, I hosted a gathering at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast each August, shortly after the anniversary of the infamous double murders. I dubbed them, "The Retrial of Lizzie Borden" and they were my first attempts at Trigger Events.


  With a place such as the Lizzie Borden House, that sees countless tourists each year, all asking similar questions, one could guess that paranormal activity was typically pretty high. But was it focused?


  Another suitable type of location to try a Trigger Event is a prison. They are obvious sets to hold your production and come ready-made to dig out genuine emotions from your attendees.

  At the Burlington County Prison Museum, in Mount Holly, NJ I greeted the attendees as a warden would prisoners. The showers and de-lousing procedures were skipped, but I did confiscate all phones and promptly ushered each "guest" into their own cell.

  They smiled and giggled and thought it was quite the fun adventure - until I bellowed, "LIGHTS OUT!" and shut off all the power in the building. Everyone was spread out in different sections and cell blocks to increase the feeling of isolation. At first there was a bit of chatter, but it was met by silence. I did not respond, nor did I tell anyone how long they would be in their cell. I chose a ten minute period to ignore them and allow the confusion and despair to set in.



  Have all participants seated or in a comfortable position that will reduce shifting and fidgeting.


  Have one of the participants select a word, preferably two or three syllables.  Why not a single syllable?  Well, the "yes" and "no" EVPs we get can often be generated by an exhale or the swish of a sleeve.  For this endeavor we want to eliminate such accidental sounds from review.  A good word is one that resonates with the group - either something humorous or meaningful.  It will differ from group to group and will present itself organically.


  Once the word is chosen, instruct the group to do nothing but focus on that word.  Envision the word, spell it out, do whatever is mentally necessary to imprint that word onto the recording device.  Picturing the word, or seeing the letters hitting the recorder are methods which I've suggested.  Try not to wander too much from the basic, literal word or else you risk losing your focus.  Example - if the word were, "apple" stay true to the letters and sound of the word - avoid tangents like Apple computers leading to Steve Jobs leading to you thinking about your job, having to go to work on Monday, etc.


  Identify any psychics in the group.  Ask them to help focus the energy towards this task.  The first time this experiment worked for me, of the eight people in the room, three identified themselves as psychic (actively).  Perhaps this was instrumental in that first success.


  Instruct the group that the session will last for 60 seconds and during that time, there will be no tags for any outside noises heard.  All participants are to focus on the word and only the word.


  1) Activate your digital recorder(s).


  2) Stamp the session accordingly.  Example - "This is Psychic Projection Experiment attempt #1 at the (insert location), the word is (insert chosen word), sixty seconds begins now..."


  3) After the time has elapsed, announce the end and stop your recorder(s).


  4) Review the recording.  Repeat as desired.  It is entirely possible that the group needs to warm up to the process in order to get a positive result.



  The purpose of this experiment within the tenets of Paralosophy is to explore the origin of EVPs.  Where do they come from?  It is as likely to assume they come from our minds as it is to assume we are speaking to the dead.


  We communicate with each other using language - air is pushed from our lungs through our diaphragm and throat, past our teeth and tongue to create a vibration in the air that is picked up by the ear and processed by the brain - quite the checklist for something as seemingly simple as a hello!


  Spirits don't have a physical body that we are aware of, so how are they getting their voices onto our recording devices?  Well, if everything is energy - vibration and energy - then perhaps it is a form of psychic communication.  A psychic imprint.  If that is the case, it is completely within the realm of possibility that many of the EVPs we catch are coming from our own minds.


  Once again, this makes sense when you factor in listener bias.  When you ask a question, your subconscious begins tabulating possible answers and when combined with pre-existing knowledge of a location, this allows for seemingly specific and relevant responses.


  "But maybe the spirits are repeating what you're thinking..." is a common response to this line of thought.  It's possible, yes.  But take into account Occam's razor, which posits that between competing hypotheses, the simpler one is preferred.  Besides, the purpose of this experiment is to isolate one aspect of the phenomena, not bend results in an attempt to validate an earlier presupposition.  Remember, on an investigation we are looking for communication with spirits, but there are no guarantees that we'll get it.  What we do know for a fact is that we, the observers, are present and it is to us that the first analysis must fall upon.



   • Learn about the basics of what Electronic Voice Phenomena is HERE. 


  • In March 2017, I attempted this at Fort Horstead in Kent, UK and Fort Widley, in Portsmouth, UK.  Researcher Ashley Knibb was a participant and offers a comprehensive view HERE.

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