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           exclusive event  •  invitation only           


A Night At The

Lizzie Borden House


Join veteran paranormal investigator and star of the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Caught On Camera", Brian J. Cano as he returns to the site of an infamous unsolved double murder, The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, MA! 

There are many a folk that would concur that this was not a site for the faint of heart on that dreadful morning. What was the motive? Was it a burglar? Could Lizzie Borden have committed these heinous acts? The world may never know.


Take part in an actual paranormal investigation, and have a unique experience that you'll remember for years to come!


If you were amongst those who joined Brian at Burlington County Prison, you know you will be more than just observers - you will be using various tools and methods actually used in the field!

Attendance has been limited to only FIFTEEN guests to allow for a truly personal experience - for the last event tickets went fast - don't miss out!

(If you have equipment, feel free to bring it, if not, there will be plenty available)


For those intrepid investigators who wish to extend their experience, the house has been reserved especially for our event and a 20% discount will be given to you when booking a room. 

To book your room for the event (which is separate from the ticket), please call

(508) 675-7333.

NOTE: You must mention that you're booking for the Brian J. Cano event in order to gain access to the date and discount (the regular public has been locked out on this date).

Want a peek at the rooms you'll be choosing from? Check them out as well as the occupancy rules HERE.

IMPORTANT - you may only call to reserve your

room once you've secured your event ticket.

AUGUST 22nd, 2020

6:00pm - Midnight




92 Second Street
Fall River, MA 08060

           exclusive event  •  invitation only           

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