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Is EMF the way?

Is EMF the way?

A Mission at Mackey's

A Mission at Mackey's

Pondering perspectives

Pondering perspectives

What We Know So Far

What We Know So Far


It's a mash-up of the words paranormal and philosophy, playfully preceeded by a hashtag to anchor it in the present.  While not an officially recognized term of study, it is one coined by paranormal researcher, Brian J. Cano, to energize a particular way of thinking.


The field of Paranormal Investigation, while ever growing in scope and public acceptance, has become stagnant.


The popularity of paranormal television shows has introduced this passionate hobby to thousands around the world.  Those shows are entertaining and bring fantastic locales and interesting stories into the homes of many who may never have given the paranormal a second thought.  But for many, it sparks a desire to actually do the Work.  However, once the programs are over, it can be hard to find proper education on the subject beyond what is shown on TV.  This has accelerated this stagnation, as there have been few movements to do anything about it.


At the heart of #PARALOSOPHY is the question, "Why?"  Many ask, "How?" and that is a good question, but the more poignant one that should precede it must be, "WHY?"


"Why are we using EMF detectors to find spirits?"


"Why do people assume a full moon makes for better contact?"


"Why can psychics talk to specific spirits wherever they are and yet regular investigators have to go to specific locations?"


"Parnormal investigators need to think more and do less..."



Check this space for articles, videos and other materials designed to push the boundaries of what we currently think of as paranormal investigating.  #PARALOSOPHY is not a system, but a way of thinking.  It exists to slam the brakes on rampant, reckless actions causing harm in the field.  Paranormal investigators need to think more and do less.  That motto was appropriated from carpentry - "Measure twice, cut once".  So before individuals and teams rush out to "help" those who are asking for it, they need to be sure they took the proper steps to prepare.  No other professional ever watched a television show and then did the job they saw the next day and did a great job.  Doctors, lawyers, teachers, more - they all trained and practiced and read and researched before ever attempting to use their skills in a real setting.  We must hold ourselves to the same standards and the very least we can do is begin questioning that which we assume to be the way.


Dual Output Spirit Box


Psychic Projection Experiment


Trigger Events

#PARALOSOPHY, Dual Output Spirit Box Experiment and Psychic Projection Experiment ™ & © Brian J. Cano

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