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Brian J. Cano is a featured analyst for Travel Channel’s Paranormal Caught On Camera, guest on History Channel’s The Curse Of Oak Island: Drilling Down and The UnXplained With William Shatner as well as Tech Specialist for SyFy’s Haunted Collector team. When not delighting fans with his on-screen presence, the 21-year investigative veteran can be found sharing his wit and wisdom at top-notch events and elite Universities throughout the United States and Internationally. Recently, Brian has been touring his interactive History of the Paranormal Mobile Exhibit at historical landmarks across the country, with the goal of hitting all 50 States. To date, he's been to 11 with two more scheduled for 2023!


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If you've worked with Brian, been mentored by him,or met him at an event and have a kind anecdote to share, send HERE.

"I had the pleasure of working with Brian to host the History of the Paranormal Exhibit at the historic Oliver House in Middleborough, MA. First, his dedication to making sure that everything was just right and the hard work that goes into these events is incredible.  When people arrived to enjoy the exhibit it flowed seamlessly and visitors never had a clue of how much work went into making it happen. Secondly, you just don't meet everyday,  grounded,fun loving, intelligent individuals such as Brian. Never stop searching holds a very true meaning with Brian as it will be clear upon spending time with him, he is always learning and evolving. If you haven't been to an event, then you should, I promise you will be glad you did. We look forward to working with him again in the future."

Christy Parrish, The Oliver House 

"As a historic house museum, Hearthside House was especially delighted to host Brian Cano and his "History of the Paranormal" exhibit in 2021.   It hit all the aspects of a well-curated, creative and professionally done exhibit---in depth research displayed with attractive graphics that enticed the visitor to read through each panel, along with a variety of other means for presenting the information through interactive games, video, and artifacts, all laid out in a pattern that provided the history of the paranormal from the 1860s to present day.  Of special note was Brian's personal welcome to each and every visitor to help guide them on their journey through history and to share his extensive knowledge on the topics as he answered their most pressing questions.  His openness and friendly manner made everyone feel most welcome and comfortable to have discussions with him about their own experiences with the paranormal.  Brian's professionalism carried over into his evening investigations, using various methods to connect with the other side, while not  sensationalizing any "haunted" aspect.


Brian and his manager Linda not only had the utmost respect for our 200-year old house, but were fun to work with.  It clearly was a team effort between us with hosting and promotions. I would highly recommend Brian for bringing this exhibit to other locations on his quest to hit every state."

Kathy Hartley, President, Hearthside House Museum 

"I met Brian at The Haunted Hinsdale House a couple of years ago, since then I have had the pleasure of learning from Brian as his apprentice and have been to many of his events - I even got to be a small part of one, which was awesome! 

Brian is a really great guy with a wealth of knowledge especially when it comes to the paranormal. If you are thinking about attending one of his events or becoming an apprentice, I definitely recommend it."

Kaycee Colburn, Author/Shamanic Witch

"I have had a professional relationship with Brian J. Cano since 2015, beginning as operators of Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala Florida. Immediately we developed a mutual respectful and benefitting affiliation, using best practices in the paranormal investigation field, and standards of audience participation.  His style is engaging, theoretically appropriate, trusting, and personal.  For this reason, while operating this property, we engaged Brian for multiple events all with very successful outcomes. 

When starting our new business, which pivoted from hospitality to a web-based paranormal resource service, Haunted Journeys.  We remained professional friends, with continuous exchange of ideas and approaches in our mutual field. From this, he inspired and helped us launch (the registered) National Ghost Hunting Day and (its associated event) World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.  His involvement did not stop in the development stage but extended in by a vital participation, using his theories of collective consciousness defined as “The Bridge”.  Based on a unique and effective Paranormal Psychology process, the event was able to cooperatively unite thousands around the world for a single day for the purpose of historical preservation fund-raising, studying the effect of collective consciousness, and uniting stakeholders within the paranormal field.  Now in it’s sixth successful year, Brian continues to be a significant contributor. 

Without hesitance we endorse and highly recommend the work of Brian J. Cano. His style and commitment to research, education, scientific investigation, application of unique modalities, and above all a “thinker outside the box” will provide the qualifications important to work within the supernatural arena."

Maria Schmidt, CEO, Haunted Journeys LLC and Mysterious Adventures Tours LLC 

"Brian is a class act , wonderful to work with, and quite knowledgeable about the paranormal! My staff was ga-ga and expressed how nice he was to be around. He is welcome back at Hill View Manor any time!"

Carrie Triko, Director, Haunted Hill View Manor

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