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In our world of instant gratification, there seems to be little time for mysteries or wonder. We question our beliefs and close our minds to that which appears mystical. 


But the sands in the hourglass are still falling.


Fate has not yet revealed its hand.


TRVL’s own Brian J. Cano shares his personal evolution through the lens of paranormal investigation in Grains of Sand. From his early years as a pioneer in paranormal television to some of his most frightening encounters on the sets of major networks, Brian evokes a range of emotions with his accessible tales, prompting readers to contemplate the very heart of human existence.


From youthful exploration to demonic confrontation, Brian has gradually peeled away layers of disbelief in his own life, and in the gentle, thoughtful, sometimes humorous manner his fans have come to adore, he allows readers to look with fresh perspective upon their own doubts and wrestle with the existential questions we’re all on some level asking. 


Grains of Sand entertains and frightens while ultimately delivering a message of hope that transcends this increasingly tumultuous world.  At a time when people are desperate for answers, Brian’s memoir opens minds to otherworldly options and normalizes the long and often complex journey toward realizing them.




Noctivagant: A Paranormal Book Club
Episode 36 - The Demons Are Doing Xanax


“Brian Cano is the best paranormal investigator I have met. Skeptical, yet never cynical. Pragmatic, but always open. I liked Brian the moment I met him & his scientific approach on Oak Island. The evidence he captured there, continues to inspire and quite frankly...haunt me. The full story of Oak Island includes many claims of paranormal events and no one has brought evidence of such to the world more effectively than Brian. From the disembodied voices on Oak Island to the telepathic synchronicity of Hall & Oates-- this book is a must for anyone interested in the paranormal. I look forward to my next adventure with Brian.”

~ Matty Blake - Host/Investigator The Curse Of Oak Island: Drilling Down & Beyond Oak Island

"The paranormal journey is one of spirit, and thus is often very personal. Showing great courage and standing by his commitment to educate others about the ethereal realm, Brian pulls back the curtain on pivotal moments from his most amazing experiences- and shares them with you here.”


~ Dustin J. Pari - Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International

“This book is exactly what we need right now--a testament to the power of the paranormal in everyday life. We fall into step with Brian's journey as he shows us how engaging, inspiring, moving, and yes, sometimes frightening a connection with the other side can be, if only we would open ourselves to the possibility that the mysterious and marvelous don't have to be relegated to fantasy. Too often we dismiss or downplay the unexplainable elements of our own lives; books like this one remind us that we can instead choose to lean in closer for a better look. We might find--as Brian J. Cano does here--a whole world waiting to be explored.”

~ Lynne S. McNeill, PhDParanormal Caught on Camera

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