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Three Pillars Support Documents


UPDATED 3/4/2016

Got questions about a specific card?  Or perhaps game play?  Below is the FAQ and Errata for the Premiere Set and all expansions through Extreme Hauntings.  Want to play single player?  Variant rules are now available below!

How do I play a three or four player game?  There aren't enough Character cards.


The set comes with two sets of Character cards.  To play three player a set of proxy cards must be used (downloadable HERE). 


Then play proceeds as normal, in a clockwise fashion.  Each player has a set of Pillars, investgates separately and has their own Case Log  and hand.


UPDATE: There is a third set of Pillars included in "A Night at the Lizzie Borden House" and "A Night at the Grand Midway Hotel" expansions, each with a new Psychic character.


To play a four player game, you play in teams.  Each team shares one Case Log  and acts as one player, but each person has a hand of six cards and takes a separate turn.  Play goes clockwise, so "Team A" would take two turns (one per player) and then "Team B" takes two turns.  Any game text that targets a player still only affects one player - the holder of the card chooses if not specified by the card.

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