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Artist Lily Mountjoy gets SCARED!

BJC September 30 2013

We're a creative lot of people over here and we love to see others delving into their talents and following their own personal muse.  We especially love it when that muse has them cross paths with us.  Meet Lily Mountjoy, artist.


Her recent piece has us smiling - moreso than the depiction of Chris on the right of the logo.  When our website was recently relaunched, Lily took notice and was inspired to make this piece.  She has done other pieces of fan artwork for Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and even Haunted Collector.  Outside of the para realm, she is an avid anime and sci-fi fan too, as her excellent work reveals.


Why not check out her personal page HERE, or her web comic page HERE.


BJC September 24 2013

The sophmore effort of filmmaker Mara Katria, Surviving Evidence revisits the story of the C2D1 haunting as experienced by Chris DiCesare.  Weaved throughout the storyline are interviews with well-known personalities such as Rosalyn Bown, Joe Chin and John Tobin, amongst others.

The documentary is set to premiere on Saturday, October 5th at the Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY.  Hosted by Glory Haunt Hounds, there will also be an investigation of the theater after the film.  For more details and to purchase tickets, visit the official site.

Robert Murch continues to dispel Ouija myths

BJC September 24 2013

Facebook has become a haven for self-help status therapy, the home for cat MEMEs and the patron saint of security updates gone awry.  Social media, which in the last decade has brought the world closer, does little to share information that actually enlightens - not so with the new page from Ouija historian, Robert Murch.


His new page acts as a collection of posts and articles which serve to shine a light on the Ouija Phenomenon - whether you use one or are deathly afraid of them, this page will be sure to show you something you didn't know about the world's most misunderstood Parker Brothers game.

SCARED! Website rises from the ashes - again.

BJC September 24 2013

We've been around since 2002 and our first website was built in early 2003 -  Through the years we've struggled to maintain a web presence since, despite our many technical talents, none of us are web designers!


Here we are again, with a new site - hopefully it will stay active and free from malware, hackers and general system errors!  Welcome back!  We hope we survive the experience!

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