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A Night at the Grand Midway Hotel - TP expansion

A Night at the Grand Midway Hotel - TP expansion

The Grand Midway Hotel - once a bastion of deceit and debauchery, now it has become a haven for traveling artists. It is also whispered that it is home to a sinister darkness that was given permission to enter by one of its residents. Can your team get to the bottom of this mystery? Are they strong enough to defeat the ancient evil that awaits inside? Well, there is one way to find out...GET ON THE CASE!
A NIGHT AT THE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL™ is a standalone expansion set for THE THREE PILLARS™ card game. Investigate every room of the hotel and come out with more evidence than your opponent! Rule variants and room cards bring you deeper inside than ever before; new Experience cards enhance your Pillars and a horde of new Entities make the Midway a place you may never check out of!
  • Details

    • 48 new cards!

    • New ROOM cards, EXPERIENCE cards and five (5) "Influenced" tokens

    • Complete set of Pillar cards to allow three players in the main game

    • Requires the Premiere Set to play

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